Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Uganda Go Team Diary :Day 1 - Let The Breaking Begin

We have landed in the land we love!

Day 1 in Uganda involved a number of necessary activities.  We landed at close to 8 am, got most of our baggage, then headed out to meet my son!

Oops - no son!  Welcome to Africa.   Things happen here on after a delay of close to an hour, George arrived with that huge smile on his face with 4 vans.  Two and 1/2 for the luggage --- wow did this team bring luggage... about 57 bags or so!  (We spent the evening sorting - 3 huge suitcases went off to the babies home filled with wipes, cereal, and diapers.... lots of diapers!!!!

Then off to check in at the Guest House.

Oops--- the Guest House wasn't ready for us!  Welcome to Africa!!  So we placed our bags in a side room and went off to exchange money.

After a mocha and some food for lunch we checked in to the Guest House.... Oops ---- they didn't give us the right assignment of rooms... welcome to missions!  So we changed things up a bit!

As soon as we could possibly get there we headed to Sanyu Babies Home, and the breaking began!   We scooped them up from their naps, changed diapers, played with them and began to fall in love.  It only takes a moment to fall in love and a lifetime that you will never forget!

How can you possibly not fall in love with these children?

As one of the ladies shared last evening through many tears... "I looked into the babies eyes andsaw Jesus."    Jesus...  yes the love of Christ was given to the child and the child shared that love right back to her.   The bible says as we love one of these children we are loving Christ... she got to experience that last evening first hand.  Tears flowed and the breaking began!

There is so much to write and I will keep trying to update daily so you can follow along on this trip.

And yes... I hope it will influence you to someday come along and be wrecked for the rest of your life for the Orphan!

Loving and being loved by the children,  Dwight

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