Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Can you find God in the middle of the slums?


One can hardly imagine how difficult it is to live your life in the slums of Kampala.    The minds of us Westerners can hardly comprehend the poverty and the hopelessness of those who live and die in the slums.  Day after day is the same.   It seems like nothing will every change.

Can you possibly find God in the midst of the filth and loneliness?  

Is it possible to see God in the middle of the slums?   

Where is God?  How can such poverty exist?   And does anyone really care? 

However desperate the situation of those who dwell in the slums
there is those who survive in even more traumatic situations!

The "Street Boys" are not even wanted in the slums. 

 They are thought of as thieves and less than human. 

Yet, in midst of such hopelessness, right in the middle of the slums are those who will love, who do and will care, and who will reach out and love these children.  They are part of the "Go Team" from IVO who went and served our Front Line ministry with A Perfect Injustice! 

Sent by many of you and prayed for by all.

There is one member of our team, Miss Barb, who will cook at any opportunity.

 She was literally giddy at the thought of loving these boys through her cooking.  She loved them the best way she knew how!   She cared that they would eat for one day like kings and they saw God's in her life.

And the boys really really loved her!

Miss Barb's southern gumbo!

We came young and older.  
We came from Kentucky, Pa, NY, Az, Ca, La, NC,  W. Va, to show God's love!

Jessica jumps in!

Abby & David lead API and always lead the way! 

These two boys could not be stopped from helping.  We are told they are usually quite difficult, but not today, not when people from all over the US came to love them... not when API provide a ministry and not when IVO  feeds them each week because of YOU and your generous giving! 

Barb and Jess from New Orleans are long time friends serving up love New Orleans style!

We brought many donated t-shirt and bought 2 bails of jeans for the kids.  Love they can wear!

Sam shared his testimony and the love of Christ.  They loved Big Sam and his muscles!

Then I shared a word from the Lord.  They were challenged to embrace their street life as "Street Preachers" for Jesus. To use this time to share the love of Christ with others.  To focus on others.  Crazy right!!  But this is what the Lord had impressed on my heart.  To my astonishment 20 of them first raised their hand then had the courage to come forward as I commissioned them to as "Street Preachers".    Nothing but God could have done this miracle!

Dr. Craig brought skill and his adjustments of love to the slums.  The boys would wiggle their heads later showing me they could move their necks.  Yes, love comes in many ways!

 Alicia, loved on the boys through cleansing and bandaging many wounds!

Tim loved on the kids who were not part for the program through knuckles and simply giving them the attention they are starved to receive!  (After the program their was enough food for them too!)

The ladies loved on the kids by making sure everyone received cloths, a couple snack bags to eat at night and some candy.   God cared through their mom love!!!

God in the middle of the slums???

 OH, yes in so many ways..... and of course then it was time to eat!  

And eat they did!   

Mighty well if I say so myself!!

Tonight when you go to bed... you can grab a quick snack, watch a TV show and be safe.

Not so with these boys.

Every night is a night with it's own list of terror!

They sleep in the streets in danger of their very lives.

And hungry.... oh so hungry.....  But for this afternoon, they were safe, they were loved and they new the love of God in a tangible way!

So will you please pray.   Pray for protection for them each night. 

Will you pray that they will be taken off the streets by API and other ministries?

These are children.  Simply children.

My heart aches as I write this... it is unfathomable... it is A Perfect Injustice!    dw


  1. It is the greatest of injustices. It hurts my heart so much to think about. I'm so glad your team is there doing all that you can. One day I will join you - I just know it! Until then, I will promise you my faithful prayers and support. Thank you for the important work you are doing!

  2. Such a tragic situation - but so good to see that God is not unaware and that He is using your team and these organizations to love on these precious boys. Thank you for going and serving. Hope to join you one of these trips!

  3. Yes D.W. I will pray! My heart boy Umaru is at A.P.I. so I pray for the boys there and the street boys. Praying for the team. awesome to see what they are doing! Janet

  4. My prayers are with these young boys...what can I do to help?