Thursday, June 14, 2012

Memories That Shake Our World


There are memories that are great... they make us smile and laugh. 

There are memories that we wish would forget which make us cry! 

Then there are memories that SHAKE OUR WORLD!


It is my prayer this team never forgets!  

So here are a few glimpses into the world of 20 people from 9 different states who served for 10 days!

They gave up vacation and family time to love God and His kids with all their heart!

Way to go "Go Team"

We shall never forget!

The eyes tell their stories.

The eyes tell the joy of knowing someone cares!

The eyes tell the joy of loving and being loved.... southern style... "I don't have an accent"

The eyes.... the pain and the beauty beyond words.

From the jungle to a basketball court... use your imagination... check back in 2 weeks!

No task was too hard for these two!

Mother Teressa..... I mean Mother Emma - no child she won't love!

New forever friendships formed!

7 new children in the kingdom of God!

Birthday joy.... someone remembered...many remembered!

150 leaders choose to be "Sent" into all of Africa.

The eyes again...  at VBS
The children dance for joy at VBS!

So little, yet such great joy!

 Now it's time to say good-bye... most likely we will never to be together again as a team!  
You were an awesome team!   Keep the memories.... NEVER FORGET!

Well done thou good and faithful servants!

Thank you for the privilege of leading you.  And thank you to all who gave, sent, prayed for, supplied and loved this team!  

God Bless you all,  Dw


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Some made me cry! Bless you Go Team! Janet

  2. So awesome!! You are all amazing servants of the one true God!! Many blessings.
    -Jessica Onions