Friday, June 8, 2012

Amazing Kids!

There are no other words to describe the kids we worked for and then played with yesterday!

They are AMAZING KIDS!   The basketball court is now in the hands of local contractors and we paid the final amount for the court today.  It will be a blacktop court with regulation 10' rims.  Next year we will teach a clinic... they've never played before so it should be awesome!  They found my dribbling skills off the hook.... (Doesn't take much!)

We worked around API's 22 acres - beautifying - weeding, slashing paths, and simply making it a bit easier and safer for the kids!

Sherry is obviously proud of her work!

The ladies did a bit of cooking and preparation African style! 
 The team bought dinner complete with fresh.... I mean really fresh chickens.

Barbara could not be happier than being in an African kitchen.

Emma thinks holding a chicken like this is fun..... I think it's strange
but God is clearly preparing her for living in Africa!

International Voice of the Orphan and A Perfect Injustice held a 
strategic meeting in their conference area!

Then the kids arrived from school and were thrilled as they received new spikes --- from many of you!

Jessica is thrilled that Emma (Emmanuel) would wear her shoes!
  (She was a volleyball superstar in college!)

Then we took a long, I mean long walk through the jungle till we wound
up at the football (soccer) field. 

We played what some would call football - but we are not much competition! 
So when we couldn't win... 
we decided to take this into our own hands - 
and the wrestling match began!

Only problem is Craig is getting double teamed and crushed!

Dw to the rescue

I used the tickling technique!  
Works every time!

Praying for local children and sharing Christ - 12 received Jesus as their savior! 
 Can you hear the beginning of the angelic party?

Elizabeth is our designated prayer warrior!

Back to the home and threw a birthday party complete with gifts.... of backpacks.  
 We will tell more of this at a later time.

Amazing.... absolutely amazing. 
No doubt, the pictures say more than words could ever say! 

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  1. Sounds awesome! We continue to be praying for you all over there... Keep the updates coming, I enjoy reading them to the family:)