Monday, November 26, 2012

Children in China Need You

Treasures in Agape House
Have you ever broken a bone?  

Or has one of your children broken a leg, an arm, or a wrist?   

If you haven't broken something, maybe you've had to walk on crutches 
for a torn muscle of a sprained ankle and discovered it was much harder than it looked!

More Treasures

Do you remember how difficult it was to get around?    

So many things we take for granted suddenly became great obstacles 
to everyday life.  

 I personally remember my crutch experiences. 
 I'm a bit of a wimp on crutches and was exhausted over the easiest of tasks.  
(I know maybe it's a man thing --- we like to whine!)

When Linny was in a wheelchair with her MS was flaring up, I would see everything with new eyes.  

"Questions came to mind:

"How do we get up those steps?"

"What in the world were  they thinking?"
"Why didn't they think people with disabilities when they built this building?"    

Imagine as a child that you had to face these obstacles every day of your life.   

Feel their emotions!   

Think their thoughts! 

See through there eyes! 

Then you will begin to discover how the precious children in Agape House 
feel every day of their lives.  

So Beautiful!

Our China Connection directors, Janet and  Kevin Bourke, have personally met, 
loved on and 
cared for the children at Agape House.  

Now they'd like to give back ramps to these children.   

Below is an article she wrote about Agape Family Life House.

Agape Family Life House ( is a foster village in Langfang, China where children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Disease) live and find love, stability, and nurturing. The mission statement of AFLH states they “believe everyone is special and ( they )strive to offer orphans with special needs a place to call home and family to call their own.” The wonderful folks who run Agape House want to help orphans in a tangible way, giving their children the opportunity to thrive through education, discipleship, and loving care. 

So many of the children who live at Agape Family Life House use wheel chairs, and the wheel chair ramps were slippery and dangerous to use. New ramps that have a gradual slope would be far easier for the children to use, enabling them to get up the ramp easier with less effort. New ramps would also have a different, less slick type of tile that would be much safer for the children. 

We would like to help build new ramps for the children. They need two ramps for a total of $2361.

Ramps like this one!


As Christmas approaches we will all be giving gifts to those we love. Let's include a place in that giving for the children we love whom we will never meet. Love those who do not have a mom and dad, love the orphans who have such need. Simply mark your contribution in the donate box with a memo that says "China" and we will get that money to Agape House. If funds are raised over the amount needed it will go to the next place of greatest need. May God bless you as you give.

Together we can do this!
 Dwight & Linny Lee