Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Dirt Will Praise Him!

 African soil around Kampala is very red & dusty.   

You kinda take it with you wherever you go!   

It ends up on your pants, on your shirts, in your shoes.. and of course in your lungs!  Don't get me wrong, there is no dirt I love better, but it does require a few changes of wardrobe when I come home!

But have you ever been in a place where you fail to see the real potential of a situation?  I sure have!  You wonder later, "How could I have missed this?"  There it is in front of you, and you miss it!

In fact it's all around you!

It's on you!

It's under you!

It's right in front of your nose - or in this case under your feet!

Then you see it!


Emma & Grace find it takes a lot of strength to make one brick!
Such it the case of the African soil!   

What I saw as simply red dirt my sons at African Hearts saw as potential!  

Filled with potential!

Potential for a business!

Ignore my face, I'm still in pain... hoping Greg can't do it better than me!

Potential for a school!

Where's Emma?

Potential to educate and care for up to 400 children!

Deb is in love with every child she meets! 

So we made a few bricks!

We painted the school!

The Go Team left their imprint!

And in amazement watched the children come and come and come to get their lunch.
We watched their faces light up because they were given hope through an education.

Seventeen of the children come from African Hearts, but the rest --  over 350 - from the community.
 A few of the children are sponsored -- some have family support --- some still have need.

African Hearts, our African sons ministry, is a ministry to the orphans & vulnerable children in and around Kampala.  They have built a home for 17 children and have positively impacted a whole village.

The children are taught every day about the love of God.  

They are raising a whole village to love Jesus Christ.

International Voice of the Orphan partners with African Hearts and works on projects to further their work.
By the way,  the Director of the school, is Moreen our Ugandan daughter.

What I saw as simply dirt,  they saw as an opportunity
 to bring praise

Stop and praise the Lord with me that Lutuyaa, Junior, George and Kenny, former street boys, found the hope in Jesus Christ and now run a school that gives hope to almost 400 children! 

They have hope to succeed in this world! They have hope in Jesus Christ for eternity!

Also, why not stop your busy life, take a few minutes and see the potential that God has placed in your life.  

Potential that you may have taken for granted!

Potential that God has given you as a gift to be used for others.  

After all... There is no better life than a life given away!

Dw from the African Soil!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Evening

It is Sunday night as I sit outside overlooking the city of Kampala.  The lights twinkle below creating a a beautiful atmosphere as the cool breeze gives needed relief to the days journey.

We went to church today in the village where much of the work is done, Ssenge Village.  Each time we visit Uganda, they request me to preach and share what God has laid on my heart for them.  I shared on the life of Joseph and that one who has God sized dreams will also have to take God sized risks.

It struck me that our African Ministry had begun in this little church.  This was our "Bethlehem".  This small village was a  place of new beginnings for our ministry.  Now we are more than ever learning about taking great risks for God.

We have seen God's clear direction as 'we get to' advocate on behalf of the orphans and vulnerable children.

We understand that we must break the silence 
of the global orphan crisis!  

We must advocate their cause.  

We must speak for them.

We must be their voice!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's Time To Celebrate - Ugandan Style

The Bible teaches us that there is a time for 
everything under the sun. 

One of those things is.... 

A Time To Celebrate

And celebrate is what we did!

Today we went to the other end of the spectrum of the feeding program.  We traveled about an hour away into the countryside to the API home to serve the boys and their leaders who live there.  

This land and the homes built {and the ones to come} are the homes where those brought from the feeding program can find a permanent home of love and hope.  Some have called this place home for several years, others for just a few months.  Their stories are worth celebrating.  

They are being loved and they now have hope.

We painted!  

And celebrated with them that a bakery has been built!  
They will bake bread to feed themselves
 and the excess will be sold to help supplement the ministry!

The bakery

We leveled land!  

It's Time to Celebrate 
a place for their workers to stay.

We laughed with the boys!
 It's Time to celebrate their lives in their new homes!

We endured a rainey season rain storm.   

It's Time To Celebrate their new banana trees being watered.

We ate.....  It's Time to Celebrate - there is hope!

It was "Time to Celebrate" three of the boy's birthdays - yet there is so much more!  Three lives that have been forever changed.  Three lives that do not sleep on the dirt in the slums.  Three boys who do not fear for their lives night after night.  Three boys once part of the feeding program who now 
have a family to celebrate their birthdays with!

Three former street boys who now can safely laugh, who are now loved, who now have hope! 

And then if that wasn't enough we heard about two of the boys going with one of the uncles to the Congo on a mission trip.  They went and shared Christ and led eight others to Christ.  Yes, It's Time to Celebrate!  These young boys who came from the streets are now sharing their story of redemption.  
Uncle Peter, the boys and I

 It's Time To Celebrate!
{Go ahead!  Have a hot fudge sundae for us, ok?}

Goodnight from Uganda,

Dwight and the February 2012 GO team....
Doing what we love - lovin the kids!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Donating to the Front Lines feeding program is done through 

International Voice of the Orphan {IVO}....

a 501c3 ministry dedicated to serving the orphans and 
vulnerable children of the world, and training the
Third World pastors who serve them.  

Click on this:  
to go to the website.  
Then click on 
"Simply Feed"
then click on 

International Voice of the Orphan is 100% in!
{100% of all general and project donations
 go directly to benefit orphans and vulnerable children. 
Staff and overhead are supported by separate designated donations.}

Click here to read the story behind 
International Voice of the Orphan.

So Much More

So Much More:

Day 1 in Uganda and already many have discovered that there is so much more….  So much more than words can express.  So much more emotion than one can possibly process in a day.  So much more need, poverty & hunger, than you can imagine.  So much more we can do!

We began our day at the babies home and finished the day there as well.  I will share those stories another day.
The majority of our day was spent at the Front Lines feeding program that IVO sponsors in partnership with API.  Children lined up to be fed who are part of the program, which has grown recently from the normal 50 to up to 70 children.  The plate consisted of rice, beans and a large piece of fresh pineapple.   To each child fed -a meal worth so much more than it costs! 

They waited with anticipation for their plate and then ran to sit down to gulp down their plates as quickly as possible.
 We could literally read the pain in their young eyes.  Many sleepless nights in the streets and many days of hunger have written their history in the eyes of these children.   It is hard to look at these kids and not be broken.  

I understand that when I say goodnight, they go to the streets, I go back to the Guest House.  Unfair!  Unjust!

They then wait for the next meal - two days from now.....I go home and eat.... unfair, unjust!!  Tears fill my eyes now as I write this knowing WE must do more.

Currently there is only enough resources to feed the 70 children 3 meals a week.   

Feeding is not the only things provide, there is so much more.  

On Monday’s they teach these children, who are unableto go to school how to read and write English.  Weds. they train them in crafts that they might be able to use someday to start micro businesses.  On Fridays’ they have more of a gymn class playing an organized football {soccer} and sing and dance and dance.... I lost a dance competition to one of the young boys!  {I guess there goes my 8th grade recognition as "Best Dancer"!}

Each day they are taught about the love of God.  Today I followed Pastor Greg's {Pastor Greg and his son are part of the team} teaching and about 12 children received Christ!  Yes, they receive so much more than food. 

The Uncles, those who in charge of the program, truly love these kids.  For a few hours…. three times a week… these kids are safe.  They sometimes fall asleep on the dirt floor of building in which they gather.  But there is so much more….

Today one of our team members, Amy, was able to use her nursing skills to bandage wound after wound.   She was using her gifts and talents to the max!  The smile on her face told everyone how thrilled she was to use her gift.   The staff of API does this each time they meet, and you who are part of  “Front Lines” giving are part of their story. Thank you and God bless you!

 But there is so much more….

Your gifts to "Front Line", also pays for hospitalization for these boys when they need it.  There is no family to care for them but "A Perfect Injustice", uses your gifts to hospitalize when needed.  These young boys have never had anyone care for them with such love.  

 And yet, there is so much more….

As International Voice of the Orphan takes over the costs of the feeding program by raising support and sponsors, API begins to take some of these boys off the streets permanently and take them into group homes to be loved, cared for and educated. To be part of a family!  Can you imagine?   They know they have been chosen!  That someone wants them.... that they now have a family!

Notice the cross on my back!

So much more….   

There is so much more we can do if we have more sponsors and more support. Maybe you’d like to partner with us!   Simply click on the "Donate" button and support Front Lines…. 

Yes, there is so much more!!!  

Let's Roll!

Lovin what I am called to do.... Loving  Kids!
Dwight from Kampala, Uganda
February 2012 GO Team

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Team Has Landed!

Dw just borrowed a friend's cell for a quick minute -

The team has landed!

Yippee Jesus!

It is 11:30pm there and 
they are in the van and on the way to Kampala.  

Please continue to pray for their safety,
whether driving, sleeping or serving.

They hit the road running tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"The Team"

It is my firm belief that God orchestrates our teams as He wills.  He knows what needs to be accomplished and what will have the most lasting impact.    God is far out in front preparing the way and looking for those who will respond and answer the call to GO!  The above picture is a team the Lord called to GO a few years ago.  Today's February 2012 team will have a picture soon!

His plans will be fulfilled!  For some, it answers a life-long prayer of going to Africa!  For others, the stirring is recent and the desire has now met reality to love on some of the most vulnerable children of the world.  For some, it's not their time.... yet!

Today there is a team of people who love the orphan and are gathering from around the United States and Canada.  I sit in the Texas airport awaiting our flight to Europe with several of the team members.  The ones with me so far are from Canada; Oklahoma (a pastor and his son), and three from Phoenix.  

We will meet the rest of the team in Europe.  One young lady is from Calgary, Canada, a woman and her two children are from Indiana, and another woman from Houston.  

The team is not as large as other teams, but I know it's the team for this season.   God doesn't make mistakes, and designs the team as He wills. 

 Already new friendships are forming and forever bonds will be created.  It is an amazing thing to watch a team form and come together.  God is always at work and we get to join Him in His work!! 

We are ready to deploy, the team is ready, and we are filled with anticipation and expectation as we head to our destination of Uganda, Africa.   

Follow me as I take this team to love on orphans and vulnerable children; serve our partners, feed street children, and travel to Eastern Uganda to minister to many who very rarely have teams come to them!    I will upload photos, share team comments and emotions, and help you travel with us.   You will hear from me in a couple of days when I get to the other side of the world!

Please keep the team {and their families at home} in your prayers.  We are certain to encounter spiritual warfare!

PS:   Is God calling you to part of the June 2012 GO team?  Don't ask Him if you should GO, ask Him why you shouldn't GO?  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crafters/Artisans: For a Cause

Many wonder what they can do for the orphan?

What can they possibly do on a day-to-day basis?

When Emmy and I led the team of 19 ladies to Uganda in the spring, one of the women who went on the trip 
was a young mom named Kelly.  
{She has become a precious friend!}
Kelly's heart was broken anew, again, for the orphan.
Kelly loves to make things.  She is amazingly creative.  She can even take scraps and turn them into beautiful treasures. 
{Kelly actually even blessed each of us on the team 
with a little craft she had made.}

Just listen to this God-worshippin', orphan-servin', craft-lovin' 
adoptive mama did recently:

A few months ago, here is an invitation
 Kelly sent out to her friends:

"Linny Saunders, the woman who led the trip to Uganda that I went on in April, is starting a website that will be selling handmade items that have been donated by the makers with all proceeds going to orphan feeding programs. The first program that will receive money is a program that we visited while in we were in Uganda. She explains it here better than I ever could:

Well... they need products to fill their online shop! I have made some things and will be sending them, but I thought it would be awfully fun to have a craft night to make some items to send. So bring a project to work on and some munchies to share (we must have munchies!) and join us! You can also be working on craft items on your own and get them to me by that weekend. I am hoping to pack up a big box of handcrafted items that next week and send it off! Let me know if there are any questions.

If you are unable to join us and would still like to make something for this amazing cause, you can either get your crafts to me, or she provides the address where all of the items are to be shipped in the link that I shared above.

Kelly shares a couple of pictures from the
Crafting For a Cause 

How beautiful is that?
Women gathering to make things together 

that will be donated and sent to the Orphan Wares warehouse...
At the warehouse it is received by Kala and her team and eventually put on the web site....

{which is getting ready to launch!}
Shoppers will be able to go on the site and 
purchase these items
the purchase price is then donated to feed 
the kids in our partner {A Perfect Injustice} feeding program!

And here's what Kelly wrote about the evening:

We had 7 women participate that night and 4 others make donations of items.  Several more expressed interest, but were unable to attend that evening, so I want to do it again, possibly make it a semi-regular thing.  I have a ton of crafty friends and I just think it makes sense to get together and do it for a good reason.  Most of us have more supplies than we know what to do with!

We sent a box with crocheted washcloths, canvas wall art, 
some jewelry, beaded silverware, a quilted tote bag, 
pillowcase dresses and some note cards.

So there you have it sweet friends.

The warehouse receives items at:

Shipping Manager
 IVO - Orphan Wares
11000 Brimhall Rd. Suite E
Bakersfield, Ca 93312

We have added to the items we will take:

 Gift Cards
Vintage Items

If you have something that you would be willing to donate and that 
we might want to sell on the Orphan Ware site {with all proceeds from the sale donated to the feeding program}, please write to the address below.


Friday, February 10, 2012

A Good Problem!

International Voice of the Orphan team member, Kimfoo, was telling us that two days
 after launching Elijah's Hope the band width 
for the site had already been completely used up!

She kept laughing as she was telling us....she 
had to make a few adjustments 
{so grateful God has gifted some for things like that,
 because we are completely clueless over here} 
and Elijah's Hope was ready for the future!

KimFoo said could not believe what Elijah's Hope 
had already done!
Faithful and amazing God!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The International Voice of the Orphan 
blog is dedicated to Be The Voice by comforting, defending and advocating on behalf of the 163,000,000 orphans globally,
the vulnerable children worldwide and the 
Third World pastors and leaders 
that are served through the training of the 
Legacy Leadership Conferences.

Tomorrow will be our first 'official' post.

You are welcome to join below so as to be kept up to date with this Global ministry serving the orphan, vulnerable children and Third World pastors. 

Thank you for visiting us!