Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Evening

It is Sunday night as I sit outside overlooking the city of Kampala.  The lights twinkle below creating a a beautiful atmosphere as the cool breeze gives needed relief to the days journey.

We went to church today in the village where much of the work is done, Ssenge Village.  Each time we visit Uganda, they request me to preach and share what God has laid on my heart for them.  I shared on the life of Joseph and that one who has God sized dreams will also have to take God sized risks.

It struck me that our African Ministry had begun in this little church.  This was our "Bethlehem".  This small village was a  place of new beginnings for our ministry.  Now we are more than ever learning about taking great risks for God.

We have seen God's clear direction as 'we get to' advocate on behalf of the orphans and vulnerable children.

We understand that we must break the silence 
of the global orphan crisis!  

We must advocate their cause.  

We must speak for them.

We must be their voice!


  1. Needed to hear that statement, "one who has God sized dreams will also have to take God sized risks" as that is what is happening in our lives right now.

    God bless the God Team as they are living that principle out daily in Africa.

    janet and gang

  2. Love reading your updates!! We are praying that God will move mountains as you serve and speak for those without a voice!!

  3. Love reading your updates!!! We are praying for safety and for mountains to be moved as you serve and speak up for those without a voice!!!

  4. Love this post! Everyone I know has heard about"my boy" at A. P. I.! Thank You for speaking up for those who have no voice. Praying them home! Janet