Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"The Team"

It is my firm belief that God orchestrates our teams as He wills.  He knows what needs to be accomplished and what will have the most lasting impact.    God is far out in front preparing the way and looking for those who will respond and answer the call to GO!  The above picture is a team the Lord called to GO a few years ago.  Today's February 2012 team will have a picture soon!

His plans will be fulfilled!  For some, it answers a life-long prayer of going to Africa!  For others, the stirring is recent and the desire has now met reality to love on some of the most vulnerable children of the world.  For some, it's not their time.... yet!

Today there is a team of people who love the orphan and are gathering from around the United States and Canada.  I sit in the Texas airport awaiting our flight to Europe with several of the team members.  The ones with me so far are from Canada; Oklahoma (a pastor and his son), and three from Phoenix.  

We will meet the rest of the team in Europe.  One young lady is from Calgary, Canada, a woman and her two children are from Indiana, and another woman from Houston.  

The team is not as large as other teams, but I know it's the team for this season.   God doesn't make mistakes, and designs the team as He wills. 

 Already new friendships are forming and forever bonds will be created.  It is an amazing thing to watch a team form and come together.  God is always at work and we get to join Him in His work!! 

We are ready to deploy, the team is ready, and we are filled with anticipation and expectation as we head to our destination of Uganda, Africa.   

Follow me as I take this team to love on orphans and vulnerable children; serve our partners, feed street children, and travel to Eastern Uganda to minister to many who very rarely have teams come to them!    I will upload photos, share team comments and emotions, and help you travel with us.   You will hear from me in a couple of days when I get to the other side of the world!

Please keep the team {and their families at home} in your prayers.  We are certain to encounter spiritual warfare!

PS:   Is God calling you to part of the June 2012 GO team?  Don't ask Him if you should GO, ask Him why you shouldn't GO?  


  1. Looking forward to following you guys on this mission trip. Prayers being sent heavenward.

  2. Praying for you all.

    In Christ,
    janet and kevin

  3. Wanting so bad for Robert to go in June. Can only go second trip though not first! Let me know when you know if the second trip is going to happen!

    Praying for your time during this trip!