Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Team Has Landed!

Dw just borrowed a friend's cell for a quick minute -

The team has landed!

Yippee Jesus!

It is 11:30pm there and 
they are in the van and on the way to Kampala.  

Please continue to pray for their safety,
whether driving, sleeping or serving.

They hit the road running tomorrow!


  1. I am praying for Y'all! God help you! Janet

  2. may there be blessings on the team being His hands and feet... I am praying that all the spiritual darkness be lifted up while Dw is ministering to the pastors, with the presence of the Lord's angels all around, so that all the pastors will open their hearts for the Lord to cleanse, to truly repent and forsake all their sins and bondages, and may the Lord fill their hearts with His joy and peace and may they learn to walk with their eyes on Him and learn and experience the joy of His leading.