Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Dirt Will Praise Him!

 African soil around Kampala is very red & dusty.   

You kinda take it with you wherever you go!   

It ends up on your pants, on your shirts, in your shoes.. and of course in your lungs!  Don't get me wrong, there is no dirt I love better, but it does require a few changes of wardrobe when I come home!

But have you ever been in a place where you fail to see the real potential of a situation?  I sure have!  You wonder later, "How could I have missed this?"  There it is in front of you, and you miss it!

In fact it's all around you!

It's on you!

It's under you!

It's right in front of your nose - or in this case under your feet!

Then you see it!


Emma & Grace find it takes a lot of strength to make one brick!
Such it the case of the African soil!   

What I saw as simply red dirt my sons at African Hearts saw as potential!  

Filled with potential!

Potential for a business!

Ignore my face, I'm still in pain... hoping Greg can't do it better than me!

Potential for a school!

Where's Emma?

Potential to educate and care for up to 400 children!

Deb is in love with every child she meets! 

So we made a few bricks!

We painted the school!

The Go Team left their imprint!

And in amazement watched the children come and come and come to get their lunch.
We watched their faces light up because they were given hope through an education.

Seventeen of the children come from African Hearts, but the rest --  over 350 - from the community.
 A few of the children are sponsored -- some have family support --- some still have need.

African Hearts, our African sons ministry, is a ministry to the orphans & vulnerable children in and around Kampala.  They have built a home for 17 children and have positively impacted a whole village.

The children are taught every day about the love of God.  

They are raising a whole village to love Jesus Christ.

International Voice of the Orphan partners with African Hearts and works on projects to further their work.
By the way,  the Director of the school, is Moreen our Ugandan daughter.

What I saw as simply dirt,  they saw as an opportunity
 to bring praise

Stop and praise the Lord with me that Lutuyaa, Junior, George and Kenny, former street boys, found the hope in Jesus Christ and now run a school that gives hope to almost 400 children! 

They have hope to succeed in this world! They have hope in Jesus Christ for eternity!

Also, why not stop your busy life, take a few minutes and see the potential that God has placed in your life.  

Potential that you may have taken for granted!

Potential that God has given you as a gift to be used for others.  

After all... There is no better life than a life given away!

Dw from the African Soil!


  1. DW, that is awesome... love hearing all about the work the Lord is doing over there... Wow, what potential... so thankful the Lord has moved in so many to make that school a reality! AWESOME!!! We continue to pray for the Go Team daily! My question is though... Could Greg do it any better than you???:) Praying for you all! Thanks so much for your leadership!

  2. Thank you for sharing all that the Lord is doing! I love the updates. You are all in my daily prayers!

  3. Praising The Lord with you D. W.! What a testimony to the hope found in Jesus! And then passing it on! How Great Is Our God! What a message to look for potential! Thank You! Praying Tell they all have homes! Janet

  4. Praising God and so thankful for your Go team!!!

    Praying for you in Africa and your sweet baby girl in Arizona!

  5. Thank you for those last 4 sentences. I needed that prompt today from the Lord. Praying that the Lord will use each of you to your fullest potential while you are there!

  6. Oh how my heart aches to go on one of your mission trips. Praise God for all you are doing in Uganda...hope soon my husband and i can join you all.