Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crafters/Artisans: For a Cause

Many wonder what they can do for the orphan?

What can they possibly do on a day-to-day basis?

When Emmy and I led the team of 19 ladies to Uganda in the spring, one of the women who went on the trip 
was a young mom named Kelly.  
{She has become a precious friend!}
Kelly's heart was broken anew, again, for the orphan.
Kelly loves to make things.  She is amazingly creative.  She can even take scraps and turn them into beautiful treasures. 
{Kelly actually even blessed each of us on the team 
with a little craft she had made.}

Just listen to this God-worshippin', orphan-servin', craft-lovin' 
adoptive mama did recently:

A few months ago, here is an invitation
 Kelly sent out to her friends:

"Linny Saunders, the woman who led the trip to Uganda that I went on in April, is starting a website that will be selling handmade items that have been donated by the makers with all proceeds going to orphan feeding programs. The first program that will receive money is a program that we visited while in we were in Uganda. She explains it here better than I ever could:

Well... they need products to fill their online shop! I have made some things and will be sending them, but I thought it would be awfully fun to have a craft night to make some items to send. So bring a project to work on and some munchies to share (we must have munchies!) and join us! You can also be working on craft items on your own and get them to me by that weekend. I am hoping to pack up a big box of handcrafted items that next week and send it off! Let me know if there are any questions.

If you are unable to join us and would still like to make something for this amazing cause, you can either get your crafts to me, or she provides the address where all of the items are to be shipped in the link that I shared above.

Kelly shares a couple of pictures from the
Crafting For a Cause 

How beautiful is that?
Women gathering to make things together 

that will be donated and sent to the Orphan Wares warehouse...
At the warehouse it is received by Kala and her team and eventually put on the web site....

{which is getting ready to launch!}
Shoppers will be able to go on the site and 
purchase these items
the purchase price is then donated to feed 
the kids in our partner {A Perfect Injustice} feeding program!

And here's what Kelly wrote about the evening:

We had 7 women participate that night and 4 others make donations of items.  Several more expressed interest, but were unable to attend that evening, so I want to do it again, possibly make it a semi-regular thing.  I have a ton of crafty friends and I just think it makes sense to get together and do it for a good reason.  Most of us have more supplies than we know what to do with!

We sent a box with crocheted washcloths, canvas wall art, 
some jewelry, beaded silverware, a quilted tote bag, 
pillowcase dresses and some note cards.

So there you have it sweet friends.

The warehouse receives items at:

Shipping Manager
 IVO - Orphan Wares
11000 Brimhall Rd. Suite E
Bakersfield, Ca 93312

We have added to the items we will take:

 Gift Cards
Vintage Items

If you have something that you would be willing to donate and that 
we might want to sell on the Orphan Ware site {with all proceeds from the sale donated to the feeding program}, please write to the address below.


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