Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our God will supply all your needs....

Have you ever wondered, "Can I trust God for this adoption?"  Linny begins a two part series on her personal blog where she addresses this question.  You do not want to miss it!

Enjoy and be challenged to the core!

He's not a Dead beat Dad!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It Takes Everyone

We know we can't do this alone.  

We know the Orphan Crisis requires that everyone do something. 

So we've been working hard the past few months behind the scenes!

When you plant a seed, it appears that nothing is happening. 

But beneath the soil, the future harvest is preparing to birth.

You might have been wondering what IVO has been up to?  

You might have thought... why aren't they posting more?  

Well today we reveal the answer!

We have worked hard, very hard, with our outstanding web designer and 
team member, Kim Foo, to make an interactive web site that keeps us 
working together to take on the GIANT of Orphan Crisis.

Our first core value is that nothing significant happens without prayer. 

So you will discover that prayer is a big part of our website.  

You can join Elijah's Hope and adopt a child in prayer.  
You can join the "IVO Knee Team" and join others praying for monthly prayer targets.  
You can submit your prayer request and we will consider it a privilege to pray with you!

We have expanded our feeding program to call it Feed+!

We do much more than feed street children and children in orphanages.  
When there is a medical need we answer the call.  When there is an opportunity to resettle a street child to extended family and get them off the streets, we help to pay for all costs.  

Wherever & whatever the need IVO wants to respond quickly.  

No strings attached!

Real Needs - Real Answers - Met in Real Time! 

 Or perhaps, the orphans of China have stolen your heart 
and you want to help there...

We are thrilled to announce our new "China Connection",
led by our newest team members, Janet and Kevin Bourke.  
We are so excited to share that our very first project in China is to
 build wheel chair ramps for orphans with "Brittle Bone Disease".

You can buy your Christmas presents, birthday gifts, whatever the need 
and feed children

We also know there are IDEAS that God has birthed in you that are not being done yet.   
So we created an idea section where God release through you an idea and 
increase what together is done for the "least of these"!

IVO will be sending our first missionaries out in January to be the feet on the ground. 
 Providing the ability to choose projects that will benefit the most children, 
discipleship of leaders, and evangelism.  

Who knows, maybe God is starting a movement from IVO 
of God fearing people to the orphan!

So .... check us out

Share with us your prayer needs!
Join our knee team!
Adopt a child in prayer!
 Go with us to love the orphans!

Feed+ orphans
(see below the fold on the front page - our stats.... 9760 meals to date)
 Support a project
Sponsor leaders to a Legacy Leadership Conference
Support a missionary or staff.

Remember, "It takes Everyone" doing something.  

Together children are fed.  
Together children receive medical attention!  
Together we build wheel chair ramps for China! 
Together we disciple! 
Together we make a difference!  

Delighted to Serve The Orphans,
 Dwight and Linny