Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Basketball Court - In the Middle of the Jungle???

Basketball is my sport!  When I was young the idea of playing in the NBA was my dream.  Day after day we would play on the school blacktop, at my home and at every neighborhood friend's home we could find.   We would wear those orange balls down to the black rubber interior.

Ok, admittedly so the talent wasn't quite there to make the NBA,
but that young kid sure liked to dream!

 So when API asked if we could build them a court the answer was a GIANT YES!! 
 Who cares where, let's build it and they will come to play!

A basketball court in the middle of the jungle - sounds crazy right???  It is!

 "Crazy Love" for former street boys, now Jesus loving kids from our
partner ministry "A Perfect Injustice". 

I will be honest my thinking wasn't quite clear.  My planning from the US in my mind looked like this...., dig down in the earth maybe 5" inches.... mix concrete and make a basketball court  say 30' x 50'.   A great undertaking, it would be hard, but we could do it in two days.

Did I mention.... the court is to be 50 x 92?

Then the team arrived.  Rainy season is just finishing and things are growing everywhere and on top of everything.   First step... cut out the jungle floor to see if we could find the dirt!! 
Ok, not quite that drastic, but you get the idea.

 So with slashers, machetees, axes, and a dozen large hoe looking things we attacked the jungle!!!

Did I mention... David had a bit bigger idea.... 50 x 92.   Apparently he had been to the local college and measured the court... besides he wanted them to be able to skate on it as well....
I'm assuming it isn't ice hockey!

Thank you to all who gave that this court might be a reality!  

You are just as much a part of this team!

As the day came to an end we were disappointed we couldn't do a better job clearing the land close to the house... the grass had grown up and the slashers wouldn't cut it, no matter how hard we tried!

 So someone had a crazy idea.... do they have lawnmowers here?  

Answer - yes... better response --- someone volunteered to buy them one.  

Robin has a ministry {highlighted a few posts ago} she started to simply do what she could for orphans.  She bakes and sells the most delicious bread and the sale proceeds... all for the orphans!  And it has taken off --- like a lawn mower.... she's mowing down the competition!
{Throwing in a little Saunders humor!}

Robin, with her ministry money from Bread for Life, bought the new lawn mower for API.  They are so thrilled but nearly as thrilled as Robin.... check out that smile!

Tomorrow we are back at it again!   Let's just say the work will continue long after we are gone.   We will hire locals who so badly need work and will be able to impact the local economy!  Others will eat because you gave for the court!  These are the gifts that keep on giving!

  But by January... I'm thinking a coaching clinic.... oh yea!

Think these boys might enjoy a Basketball Court?


  1. Can't wait to see the next step! Praying that it comes together a bit easier and that these boys are playing their best games really soon!

  2. Love, love, love this! Praying as you guys build this in the jungle- what a joy it will be for everyone to use there!!!