Monday, January 14, 2013

Legacy Leadership Conference

I had never been to such a remote location for a Legacy Leadership Conference. 

After turning off the main road we traveled another 45 minutes on back roads.  It took so long to get there on almost impassable roads that I began to question my decision to do a conference.  

At one point a large truck filled with sugar cane blocked the road after torrential rains, another had turned over and left it's load blocking half of the road.   

I wondered if we would ever get to the conference  

In Ugandan style we got out,  lined up watching and  waited outside our van 
while another truck backed up 
and pulled the partially buried truck out of the mud.

It was finally our turn!  As we approached this mini swamp another overloaded sugar truck started to make it's move.  By then I had had enough - people were waiting on me so I jumped from the truck and yelled "STOP" with my hand held high.  To my amazement and the rest of the LLC team - he stopped and let us pass!   

(Ok, so maybe I could have been beaten by the truck driver and other locals,
 but hey I'm a little crazy anyway right?)

Pastor Harley from my home town of Perry, NY preached.  Dr. Craig French shared business principles.   Gordon Cowan was my personal designated intercessor.  I personally preached 7 messages.  We had a great team.

The highlight for me (besides Kevin - see former post) was the amazing time of prayer 
for renewal by the Holy Spirit.  

Everyone raised hands toward heaven
 repenting and crying out to God for a new filling of 
the Holy Spirit. 

These wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ have no one to come encourage them.  At the end of the conference they said they never had anything like this in their area.  No one in the past had come to them... until the Legacy Conference.  

That's when I said to myself, "that's why we do what we do."  

That's why we fly thousands of miles, travel many hours by local taxi and traverse difficult terrain.



Blessed are the feet of him who brings good news!  I guess we have blessed feet! 

These brothers and sisters in the Lord were tired.  

They had run the race of following Christ for years without being refreshed.  

Now through a simple two day conference they had been encouraged and exhorted to lead from pure hearts.  Even at this Christian Leadership Conference a number received Christ.

 Training was given and a few Godly rebukes were well also received.  

We had traveled thousands and thousands of miles.

We had traversed the most difficult of roads for one main purpose.

To encourage the believers to finish.   

Jesus told us in John 4 that he had food to eat and that food was to 
do the will of God 
and to finish the work. 

Pastor Harley from Perry, NY bringing the word in power!

Can you imagine cooking for over 600 people?

This was a dual word for us.   

A word for those of Mayuge, Uganda - don't quit - finish the work.

A word for me -  don't quit - finish the work.   

For now, the work is finished in Mayuge.   

But the next remote village awaits.  

A huge thank you to all of you for your generous contributions to the 

Legacy Leadership Conference.  

You are changing history, one leader at a time!

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  1. Praise God! So wonderful to read. Thank you for sharing what God is doing. Thank you for going and doing God's work.