Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Do We Spell L.O.V.E.?

The Team

Changing lives - One by One!

It took the whole team!

Michelle serving with joy!

We spell love by building a Gazebo for the children of API to have a safe place
to receive Christian counseling and healing from their past!

Cindy loved stripping bark!

First we dug the holes!  Colton supervises!

Who's afraid of heights?

Jodi stripping bark with her new friend!

A few days earlier there was nothing here, now it's taking shape!

Fishing anyone?

We spell love by teaching the children of API basketball!

Gotta say,   Coach Dwight is having a blast!

Might have to work on that one handed dribble!

Coach Dwight teaches the chest pass!

Every child of API gets a new ball - these community kids got to enjoy the gifts.

The boys and the coaches!

We spell love by building an expansion for the children of Praise's school!

The expansion almost complete!

Colton on our home made ladder!

George up top... Pastor Harley holding up the wall!

 We spell love training 600 plus leaders!

 We spell love digging jiggers out of feet to relieve the pain and bring healing.

The team worked tirelessly!

Someone has donated money to Ruby's friends to have every child go to the hospital to finish the job!  YEA GOD!

We spell love starting Ruby's Friends to bring medical care
 to vulnerable children and orphans.

We spell love spending time with someone very special

We spell love taking care of the widow and her children.

This woman has 14 children and no way to support!  The team bought food!  But look at the joy anyway!

We spell love by getting sneakers for all the kids to help their feet heal!

Yep, that's how we spell love!

Team 1 - Well done thou good and faithful servants!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful people, all of you and all those you serve. God bless each and every one. Prayers for those precious children.

  2. WOW! Ya'll did an awesome job and I know the Lord has specail blessings coming your way!!! Love it and love your hearts! Annalisa