Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Safe Place To Heal

We all need a safe place.  

A place where you can be safe emotionally as well as physically.  

A safe place to talk.  

A safe place to cry.  

A safe place to be honest.  

A safe place to be healed.

While we may not think often about such a place 
surely a safe place to heal is a place we would all run to when trauma strikes.

I cannot even begin to imagine the trauma the street children have experienced.    
Just think of the horrors most have experienced; abandonment, rejection, loss of one or both parents, loss of hope, physical abuse, daily fist fights, sexual abuse... and the list goes on and on.  The days are filled with darkness he night are long and dark filled with fear.

Formerly on the steets now loved at API!

Amos, my little buddy!

When you take street children who are great kids but have been through so much abuse off the streets and into homes you need a "Safe Place" for them to heal.   Talking with Abby and David from API Linny and I  learned that they needed that "Safe Place" for the children of API.   Surely the counseling could continue under a tree on the corner of the cleared property  but these children and the workers need something better.... a safe place!

(This will be short as bed is calling me after a huge day.. and tomorrow we travel 2+ hours to teach our Legacy Leadership Conference.)

So IVO agreed to build that "Safe Place", a  "Counseling and Team Gazebo".  This was their dream and because of your generous support we said, "YES" - we will build a "Safe Place" for you.  Below is the start... the lining out the foundation, holes for the posts, the stripping of the thatch roof timbers and more.   The story is better told in pictures.

 These wonderful children of API, and their fantastic leaders, Abby & David,  will soon have a "Safe Place" and the healing will come through great counseling, loving leaders, and the power of God at their "Safe Place"! 

From the children.... "thank you for coming... our smiles were small now they are large!"

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