Saturday, January 12, 2013

His Name is Kevin

It had already been a great day at the Legacy Conference.

God was moving and the Holy Spirit was doing a great work among the over 600 in attendance.  I closed a teaching on the Holy Spirit with a challenge to ask for prayer.   The response was overwhelming and powerful as almost everyone lifted their hands for prayer and
began to cry out for God. 

I personally prayed for  over 100 people and went outside to pray for those who could not fit in the church.  Many had stood all day outside, some in the sun, and some in make shift shelters.

Then it happened.

A number of children surrounded me as I show them the picture of our  family.  I pointed out each child.   They came running from all directions and within seconds they were crowding around me pushing to get a little closer look.  Then a woman motioned for me to come to a little group of women on a blanket.   As I walked toward the group another woman sitting on the ground pulled back something like a small blanket.

Then I met him.... his name is Kevin

Isn't he beautiful??

As the tears rolled down my face I showed them Ruby's picture and told them a bit of Ruby's story.

Kevin quite obviously has what Ruby has.

There is no option, he must get medical attention immediately.

 I told them about medical care at CURE hospital where Ruby was treated.

 His life is at risk.  The comments of those around quickly told me the rest of the story.

Each said it costs too much to go to CURE Hospital {where Ruby had her first brain surgery while Linny and Emma were in Uganda to bring her home}.

It's true, 500,000 shillings for the initial surgery is an exorbitant amount for this poor Ugandan couple from a rural village.

Translated to $250 - and it would possibly save his life - yet,  it is beyond their means.

Parents give up hope...little children die... all because of a lack of money.

If you are like me, you want to SHOUT ---- NOT ON MY SHIFT!

I let them quickly know that we could and would quickly raise the money.   Her husband came over and was told through an interpreter that we would pay the medical.  He sobbed as I grabbed him and held him.  My emotions were off the hook.  Ruby's life was and has been saved.

Kevin's life can, and Lord willing, will be saved.

I encouraged the Dad that his son is wonderful... he is handsome... and to be proud of him.  {It was apparent that he had been struggling with his son's medical condition.}

I longed for this dad to understand what a treasure his son is.

Admittedly, earlier I had questioned our remote location.  A small village, located off some of the worst roads in Uganda.  Now it was clear why we had this conference in a remote village far from the heart of Jjinja.

We were there so I could meet Kevin - so you, too, could meet Kevin!

We needed to help save his life - it is unacceptable to do otherwise.

There will be more needs for Kevin... but the Lord used this moment further in my life.  Would you pray for him and his family?

If parents give up and children die for lack of money, then we must begin a ministry to save more children.   Ruby would shout, you did it for me... do it for my brothers and sisters!

God was revealing to me in that moment that with Emma on the ground, along with Shawn and Sarah, we will see medical needs on, perhaps, a daily basis.   Crisis medical intervention.

So let's begin!

First, let's help with Kevin... then whoever God brings next.

In a way, it's Ruby's way of  giving back.  Ruby wants Kevin to know the relief that she has experienced.   I would assume it will cost several thousand by the time it is done.

Who's in?

(Anything amount that exceeds the care needed to Kevin will be used in our new Emergency Medical Care ministry.}

But wait!  What would we call this arm of International Voice of the Orphan?

And then the Lord whispered:

Ruby's Friends

And yes, Ruby thought it was perfect!

Donate to help save Kevin's life by clicking here.


  1. Sweet blessed baby boy! He is so very handsome! I am happy to contribute, hydrocephalus is something I have seen only twice in my nursing education here in the US, it is usually taken care of with shunt surgery soon after birth. I am so excited to learn more about this new branch of IVO, and Ruby's Friends is a perfect name! God Bless!

  2. Is his surgery scheduled? Are the funds raised? I would love to know. Blessings.