Friday, March 2, 2012

Legacy Leadership Conference - Quick Update

Thank you all for praying for the Legacy Leadership Conference.  The conference has been amazing.  All of our team was struck by the power of their praise and worship.  They have so much more joy than you see in the typical American church.  Their joy is contagious.   And yes, I was dancing along with the rest of them.  God overlooks my lack of skill! :)

Couple of quick notes:

*  Some pastors from Kenya came 4 days early and slept outside just to attend the conference, with no food, only water.  (Their hunger for spiritual food exceeds their hunger for physical food!)
*  One pastor has been pastoring for 45 years and has never had the opportunity to be taught as we have been teaching.  (Thank you for giving him an opportunity!)
*  Leaders of pastors are many who are attending.  One pastor leads 60 churches, another 45, another 42.  And those are the ones I know about.   The multiplication of this ministry is astounding.  They believe it will easily touch 2000 to 3000 churches.
*  Started by warming them up to the fact that God has not only chosen them but anointed them for what God has called them to do!  (btw - same for you)
*  Was able to preach hard against sexual sin and had a time of confession and repentance.
*  Drove home the need for the church in Uganda and neighboring countries to take responsibility for the orphans and vulnerable children.
*  Hope to download some pics tonight so check back later!

This conference is more than we could have anticipated.  It will be according to Jesus exhortation in John 14 - that we bear much fruit in order that the Father is glorified.  Thank you for your investment of prayers and finances to make this happen. 

To God be the Glory Great Things He Has Done!   Dwight


  1. This is such great news DW:) We continue to pray for the 2nd day of the conference and for you all as you serve Him!

  2. amen, amen, amen! tears in my eyes, may His will be done, His kingdom come...

  3. Praise God! How wonderful and amazing! Continuing to pray every time the Lord brings you to mind which is many times a day and night!

  4. Faithful God!!! We are rejoicing with you from home!! You and the team are in our thoughts and prayers!! If you go to Redeemer House, please tell Ivan that there is a family across the world that is praying for him!!

  5. I can almost feel the joy in Africa! Still praying here... Praise God x 1,000 for all He has done, is doing, and for the Mighty things He will do (along with) the Great things He has done! haha Laughter and joy. Thank you Lord- You hear our prayers again and again and again...

  6. Dwight, it is so incredible to hear of your journey to Uganda and to know how God is moving in INCREDIBLE ways in the hearts of African's. We, here in the U.S. have much to learn about their charismatic and unshackled praise and worship. I know that if I was there with you that I too would have been doing the "Holy Hip Hop" and dancing unto the Lord. Our ministry has worked very close with the pastors you speak of and will be continuing to continue the fight and complete the orphanage there in Tororo. i praise God for his almighty love and for the heart and spirit that he has given you for the orphan. Looking forward to speaking with you upon your return. Be blessed! Russ Peck

  7. Dwight, it is incredible to see and hear how God is moving in INCREDIBLE and AWESOME ways in the hearts and lives of the Africans there in Uganda. If I was there celebrating Jesus with you I know that I too would be doing the "Holy Hip Hop" and dancing to the glory of God. Our ministry has been working with those same pastors that you speak of and we will be continuing in the fight for the fatherless to complete the orphanage that was started so long ago. Looking forward to speaking with you upon your return. Be blessed.

    1. Oooops! Sorry Dwight. I didn't think my first message posted so I was a little redundant and wrote another one.