Sunday, March 4, 2012


They were hungry, they had come a long way, 
and they would not be denied.  
Many of the leaders who came from Kenya, Southern Sudan, Burundi and the Congo had to come a number of days just to be at the Legacy Leadership Conference.  
They only had enough money to get to the site 
of the conference, but not enough to eat while they waited. 
 They were hungry.  
But not the way that first comes to mind.  

They were physically hungry after 4 days without food, 
but they told Apostle Richard Edima,  the host pastor, 
they did not care about eating if the could just have water.   

Unlike us Americans, they were not concerned 
about their physical appetites.  
{We had only prepared to feed them 
the two days of the conference!}

So they slept at the site - waiting ----  because they were hungry!

We obtained mats for them to sleep on!  

You see these men and women came, from many 
different areas of Eastern Uganda and other countries
 to be fed the word of God. 
They were hungry, they would not be denied.  
So we fed and fed and fed these wonderful leaders
 the word of God.

Apostle Richard interprets.  
They were interpreting in three languages as once!
Pastor Greg {part of our GO team} feeds the "fruit of the Spirit"!
Hungry for the word of God!

Hungry to have the Bible explained and taught!

Hungry for more of God!

Hungry to understand core values of biblical leadership!

Hungry to have hope!

And they responded! 
 Person after person.  
Men, women, young and old!  

With raised hands!   
With times of personal confession.  
 With great humility.  
Decision after decision to live a radical life for Christ.   

{Two came to receive Christ! If you know anything about me, you know I won't miss an opportunity, even at a Christian Leadership Conference to see that all know Jesus personally.}

They came hungry and they walked away spiritually fed.  
It was a very successful conference. 
Then it was time to say good-bye.

But as often happens...  the teacher became the student 
and the student became the teacher.  

There was a question that troubled me, 
that would not leave me, 
nor could it be ignored.

Am I hungry?  

Hungry enough for the things of God to 
walk great distances.  Hungry enough to sleep 
outside for days on poor bedding and without food?

The question was mostly rhetorical
 because the answer was completely obvious. 


Not that hungry, not even close.

This teacher must become the student and learn to hunger and thirst even more after the things of God!

Join me and ask yourself the same question today.  
Are you hungry?   
Really, really hungry for the things of God?  
May this unsettle you like it has unsettled my soul 
and together
 may we hunger like the African leaders!

From Uganda, more hungry than yesterday, not as hungry as tomorrow!  dwight


  1. So glad to see/read that the leaders of Uganda were fed with the word of God! Do they have bibles? maybe we can add that in the ivo website, buying bibles for the pastors and leaders, and for the people of Uganda.

  2. In church today we were reading about Jesus feeding the 5,000. What a miracle! I thought about when I felt helpless feeding hungry children in Haiti with the little bread that I had. Not much could I offer... tearing the bread apart into little pieces, into hungry hands, not knowing what to do... desperate... but God always makes it MUCH... so much that it doesn't run out, but runs over.

    THEN I thought of The Legacy Leadership Conference. I thought about the hungry pastors (like you said so hungry, but more hungry for God's Word.) So many have been praying... at all hours of the day and night... God has been hearing! God has been answering! Lives are being transformed!

    I want to be deeply hungry for God's Word, hungry like these pastors. I always want Him to come first- before food for the body and before sleep. Jesus renews us in ways that we can't even imagine. When He leads me to stay up all night to pray... The strength He gives me the next day is supernatural. Because I am so weak with no sleep. I am. In my weakness though: He is strong for me!

    Glory to God about what He is doing in Eastern Africa!!! ***Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus... You amaze me!

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I've recently returned home from working with churches in India and have been asking myself the same questions. You articulated a world in needing colliding with our deep need so wonderfully.

  4. Thank You for this post! I have been asking myself just now. Janet are you really hungry? Janet

  5. Oh ya preach it pastor!!! Loved that gave me the kind of goose bumps that hurt!!! I miss Uganda and I am looking forward to going soon (fingers crossed)

  6. I love this post and it has brought tears to my eyes. I pray to be that hungry for more of Jesus, more of Him, more of God, and more of His Word!!
    Thank you for stiring our hearts for MORE!

  7. Thanks for the challenge. I feel the Lord working in my heart about this HUNGER.

  8. The fruits of Legacy conference in Tororo Uganda ,is still standing,we have recieved reports from DRC Congo from Bishop Bahati who came with his team from Congo that the pastors caught fire on return to thier homes.Kenya the same .Tanzania the same,Southern Sudan the fruits are yeilding.Please Pastor Saunders ,we still pray for you and I pray that .God opens to you more doors to be able to feed the leaders with that spiritual food,Phiscal food we eat and feel hungry again ,But the words keeps us on fire.Blessings and greetings from Uganda .Tororo.From Apostle Edima Richard ,Host Legacy conference Tororo Uganda