Monday, March 26, 2012

Just for Men!

I want to be like you, Dad!



Probably one of the greatest compliments our children can pay their father is when they announce, 

“I want to be like you, Dad!” 

Wow! Our hearts swell with pride and burst with joy as we take in this outstanding compliment.

We know as Dads we are not worthy of the compliment but it still feels really good – right? 

So enjoy it! Pack it in, tuck it away, live worthy of the compliment! 

But there is one Dad who is worthy!

There is one  Dad who never fails!

There is one Dad who always loves, who always provides, who always protects!

There is one Dad who is always there for his children!

That Dad deserves the kind of allegiance that announces to the world,  

“I want to be like you, Dad!” 

Let’s be honest with ourselves men,  there is only one Father who deserves such praise, respect and honor. He is the Heavenly Father, God himself.  When we declare him to be Lord, we pledge an allegiance that makes up truly disciples. We are in effect saying,  

“I want to be like you, Dad!" 

"Whatever you do Dad, I want to do too!”

With me so far?  Of course you are men!

So what would that look like for us to say, “I want to be like you, Dad”  when we apply those very words to the orphan?  God is the, “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.”  Psalm 68:5
God in effect declares, “don’t mess with my kids – these are my boys and my girls. You mess with them – you mess with me. I will take care of these children because they are mine.”

Follow me please in a bit of simple logic. 
If God is a “Father to the Fatherless”, and if I want to be like my Father in Heaven, then I am also to be a ________________________. Yep, you thought it!  Admit it!   Even if you didn't say it out loud!  A “Father to the Fatherless” is the correct answer.  

You - being like your dad - are to be a Father to the Fatherless! 
If you truly want to be a follower of Christ, and Christ did all He saw His Father doing, then we are to be Dads to those without dads. They become our kids as well and we become the hands and feet of God.

Ouch! I didn’t say this was going to be an easy post! My hope is it stops us in our tracks of denial of responsibility.

What is your Heavenly Father asking of you?  

We know women are far in front of us on this issue.  But it's time for men to begin rising up and sending a message that we are engaging in the orphan crisis.  

It's our time.  

It's our watch.  

We must send a loud message;  we will not let this go unnoticed on our watch of humanity.

If you have never done so will you decide to do something for a Fatherless child? 

Could you financially support those intending to adopt? 

Will you adopt a child in prayer?

Maybe you can make room for one more child?

One more child needs a man to call Dad….will you be a Father to one more Fatherless child?  

Go ahead announce to the world, 

“I want to be just like you, Dad!” 

"Just Do It"...   make your Heavenly Dad proud!

Leave A Radical Legacy,  Dwight

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  1. Amazing I was just walking through one of the slums here in Uganda today and talking with my good friend David Kakeeto. He was talking about how much of a need there is for street boys to have father figures in there lives. When looking at who is helping these boys it is mostly women, Ugandan or Westerners. It is sad and true men, we NEED to step up to the plate if we are going to stand as Men of God.