Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dream Fulfilled - Just a Bit Differently

One of the ministries of International Voice of the Orphan is 

Elijah's Hope

{adopting an orphan in prayer}

Elijah's Hope was birthed because of the magnitude of mountains that were moved by Almighty God when a single woman, living in Chicago, at the prompting of her college-age daughter {who had moved for a season to volunteer in the orphanages of Uganda} began to pray for one little boy named Elijah 
living in an orphanage on the opposite side of the world.

This single mom, named Peggi prayed three specific things:

1.  God please heal Elijah. 
2. Bring Elijah a family 
{and as long as she was asking she decided to be specific}:
3.  Please let the family be a pastor's family.

And there is no doubt in our minds that it was the prayers of Peggi that God used to bring our Elijah into our forever family. 

Here is an email we received recently from a woman 
who adopted an orphan in prayer through
Elijah's Hope.

Her letter speaks volumes:

Elijah's Hope is so good......and quick!
It is all done and I have my little beautiful!

Wow, I typed that last sentence and the tears are flowing. For so long I have dreamed of adopting. Childhood was so hard, my escape was to dream of my big log home 

in a valley with the mountains standing guard behind it 

a bountiful garden 

and a yard full of happy healthy kids, 

many kids of all colors.

 That was my symbol of happiness and hope 
and my safe place to go when 
life was too hard.

My first marriage (24 years) wasn't easy, it became abusive. He could barely love his own kids and even admitted he wouldn't be able to love someone else's child. After being single for 6 years I met my husband and I was sure we'd adopt! It seems that maybe he only told me what I wanted to hear. I love my husband don't get me wrong, but the disappointment of not adopting is great. I'm trying to accept it and not be bitter, but that is difficult. It is really hard to be 53 and let go of a dream you've protected and carried inside for so long. I have my boy to pray for....his name is __omitted_ (if only I knew how to pronounce it, I'm certain he would laugh at my attempts) :) ...thank you! I may never be able to watch him play in my back yard, but I can pray for him where he is and be a part of his life through prayer.

Thank you so much, my heart is so full at this moment, sad and joyful at the same time.
You have truly given me a gift!
Praise God!

People often say, 'I can't adopt a child"...but everyone can pray!  Adopting an orphan in prayer is simple....
Please visit the site and spread the word -
Elijah's Hope


  1. My goodness, what a beautiful story of God blessed this woman's heart in her difficult and situation. We have printed off a picture of the boy we are praying for through Elijah's Hope...and pray for him daily. So grateful to have the chance.

  2. I love this story! I too am so grateful and humbled to be praying for a young girl through Elijah's Hope. Such a priviledge! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing that beautiful letter! What a precious heart that woman must have. May God bless her faithful prayers in every way imaginable.

  4. Beautiful story. I want to share something too. I have a little girl from India that I pray for daily. I LOVE the whole concept of Elijah's Hope, so recently when I found a little boy from Ghana on a waiting child list that just pulled at my heart, I decided to use the same idea and pray for this little guy. I actually really wanted to adopt him myself, but as you know, we are in temporary housing right now and need to move before we can complete our home study. This little guy's mom recently died and before that it appeared he had been well cared for. In his pictures, he just looked so sad and lost - they all do, but this little boy spoke to us. I wanted him to find his family quickly without spending years in an orphanage. We prayed diligently and I found out last week he was matched! I am SO excited for this boy and love to believe that our prayers played a part in his family finding him so quickly.

  5. Beautiful story...we have our Little Girl to pray for through Elijah's Hope and I pray we can meet her when we visit Uganda in June with you..thank you for sharing this.