Friday, December 27, 2013

The Most Wonder-Filled Time of Year!

“The Most Wonder-Filled Time of the Year”

Dear Friends:

Tonight the minds of many Orphans are filled with “Wonder”.  They…

“Wonder” if they will eat tomorrow
“Wonder” if they will be safe…
“Wonder” how to get necessary medical surgery…
“Wonder” if anyone really cares…

This past year you have answered many of the children’s questions with a resounding “yes” as you have been amazingly generous.

Together in 2013 we…
*   Provided over 96,000 meals
*   Gave 4 children with hydrocephalus the surgeries they needed.
*   Built and furnished a dorm & a counseling center for street boys.
*   Sent 4 teams to physically love on the orphans.
*   Trained over 1000 pastors and leaders.

In 2014 we have the answer to many of their hopes and dreams:

*   Front Lines: 120,000 meals =  $40,000 (.33/meal)
*   Ruby’s Friends: 12 surgeries/medical care = $18,000
*   Orphanages:  Equip 3 orphanages with the necessary supplies, dorms, kitchens, and staff to properly care for the children.
*   Train over 2000 leaders at Legacy Leadership Conferences

Will you help us fill the orphans “Wonder” with Hope?      
To donate click here:  

Or mail to:

International Voice of the Orphan,
3820 W. Happy Valley Rd., Suite 141 #510,
Glendale, AZ 85310

We never take your generosity for granted.  Each dollar is stewarded to obtain the greatest Kingdom impact possible.

May the Lord richly bless you and your family in the New Year! 
Dwight & Linny

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