Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We Need Your Help! This Mountain is Ready to MOVE!

Friends we need your help!!  

 If you need to catch up with our GO Team projects simply look back at the last post! 
After publishing the last post a very unexpected thing happened which was incredible!

What seemed like a mountain of needs, seemingly impossible in the physical world,
 is suddenly 
- and might I add really close to starting time..... 


Those eyes pierce my soul - yes, honey you're home is coming!

WE will build the home for you precious one!

A friend of aplacecalledsimplicity and IVO sent me us a fb message 
asking if I could talk with her husband.  They had been praying about 
what ministry they should bless with a gift. 
They kept coming back to IVO.   

I had no expectation of what came next!   

The husband shared with me that as they prayed they felt the Lord was leading them 
to make a matching gift donation to IVO.  
A very, very generous gift I might add! 

This has never happened before -
(I thought it only happened on the radio pledge drives)!  

Their generosity has blown me away. 
They've offered a total  gift of $12,500 as a matching gift.  

It breaks down as follows:

The Home for the orphans at "The Home of Praise":   $9000

The Rabbit House: $1,000

Amos is always a hard worker and you can bet he'll be working next to me again!

The Special Project: $1,000 

The Legacy Conference:  $1,000

Isn't that amazing?  

This isn't a scheme - it's a gift by someone who has been blessed to be a blessing 
If you've been thinking about donating to any of the above projects, 
then now is the time! 

Everyone In!  

Everyone doing something and this mountain is history!

Together, this summer, let's do the IVO version of an Extreme Home Makeover!   

No amount is too small!

Just think, each donation will be matched.

So if you donate $5.00 to the Projects,
actually $10.00 will be donated.

How cool is that??  

Let's do this together!

You can donate at our website:


there is even a donation button on our Facebook page here

As always, 100% of each donation go directly 
to serve the orphans.

God Bless you,  Together this Mountain can be removed! 

 Dwight & Linny

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