Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Little Street Boy

Lynne, a short term missionary, who is living 
with Emma at Emma's new home,
was at street feeding program last week. 

She noticed one little street boy who just could not stay awake.
He didn't eat.
He only slept.

She felt his head and guessed he had a fever.
Lynne knew she could not send him on his way when the program ended.
She kept watching him.

He just kept sleeping, unable to wake.

As the program ended, she talked to another volunteer.
They would have to do something.
They guessed he might have malaria, or even typhoid.

Lynne brought him to Emma's new home, 
where she knew Emma would be willing
to open her home to him. 
{FYI, as hard as it is to understand, not all missionaries welcome
street boys to their home, even for a bath, meal and fresh set of clothes. 
 I was so proud of our Emmy.}

 Lynne and her friend arrived with him and gave him a bath.
They needed clean clothes for him.
I suddenly remembered that the Lord had told me to pack some
boys underwear size 10-12.  
I giggled.
Who knew?
Only God.

I ran to get the undies.

I went and told Liberty.
She went to her suitcase and found her prized and 
most favorite basketball shorts.
{Our chica Liberty loves playing basketball 
and her red shorts are her very favorite.}
She willingly brought them to me.
"See if he would like these mom."

This precious boy's story tumbled out.
He was from a distant city.
His mom had sent him to the market 
to get some vegetables.

He had met up with a friend at the market
who told this little guy of the tall buildings and King's 
palace in distant Kampala.

Together they decided to hop a bus and find this
'fairy-tale' city of Kampala.

Only thing is: Fairy-tales are just that.

Living on the streets had been painful 
and all he wanted was to head home.

Lynne found a shirt of hers...
{appropriately it has James 1:27 on the back}.

We gave him food. 
We prayed healing over him.
He ate.
He guzzled the water bottles we brought him.
Our team gave him a baggie of fun things and snacks.

Lynne and her friend met up with our son LuTaaya
and he helped them to know what to do next.

Over the next few days he was taken for medical
care and found not to have malaria or typhoid.
{After food, water and prayer, he had perked right up.}

At this moment Lynne's friend is in the distant 
city to see if he can find his family.

In the meantime, he is being fed, cared for, is off the streets
 protected and cared for by a trusted friend....and should the family not be 
found, he has a spot in the Ssenge village boy's home waiting for him.

 I marvel at the network of caring people that encountered this little boy 
and ministered to him....
all believing that God has an amazing plan for him and
 each willing to minister in the best
way they knew how.

As I step back from writing this I wonder:
Who can even begin to imagine this little boy's life?
Who can stand to think what he has been through?
Who can know what it would be like to be alone on the
 streets of a big city at the age of ten?

If you think of him, pray that his family can be found.
Pray that God will open his heart to God's love.
Pray for the missionaries who are His hands and feet around the world.

"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, 
whatever you did for one of the least 
of these brothers and sisters of mine, 
you did for me.'"  
Matthew 25:40 niv


  1. he found the spiritual King and palace... the riches of Christ in fellow believers... I pray that he will have a chance to hear about it and how much Christ loves him. :)

  2. As I've been watching teens congregate in groups here in Eastern Europe, knowing they are on the street...often fresh out of a "not so good" orphanage and a target for (or already a part of) human heart is breaking. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. So hard, yet a story of such hope. I am so very thankful for you and the team seeing this boy for what he is...a gift from God.

  3. "When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was thirsty, you gave me a drink. When I was naked, you clothed me. When I was sick, you looked after me."~Jesus

  4. Wow, Precious is the LOVE of the LORD!!!

  5. Praying his mama is found and they are reunited.

    1. He gave very detailed instructions as to where his mom lives and a young man from that city went looking {the city is 7 hours from Kampala},, but was unable to find the mom or anyone who knew of her. We are praying for clear direction. From those who work with street kids, it is not wise to take him to find her, but to have someone look first, so that's what has been done. But to no avail. Please continue to pray. Thank you.

  6. Praying, praying, praying....