Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Front Lines Update

This report is from IVO missionaries, Shawn and Sarah Ferrell.  
Shawn & Sarah are responsible for Front Line Feeding programs at two of our partner orphanages.   They also work with a third partner, API, in the street feeding program.  
Shawn and Sarah purchased a truck to make it easier 
to deliver food to various needy orphanages. 
They recently reported the truck broke down needing major repairs,  so if you'd like to help get the truck back up and running and delivering,  simply mark your donation truck repairs.  
Any amounts over and above the repair costs will be used on other projects!   
Report from the field:  

Building a school.

Raising up a child for Christ in a community of Muslims
IVO has built the latest and newest addition to this elementary school. 

This village is full of Muslim households and we are reaching them for Christ through there kids. Many of these kids never had hope of going to school but now there is a place where they can come, learn, grow, be safe and hear about the love of Jesus Christ. 

The newest addition will house the new 4th grade class. 

Seeing all of these kids in their uniforms with smiling faces says it all!

A bag of Posho.
What is that?
Good question, it is what Ugandans call food. It is corn ground up into a powder, then cooked in boiling water to make it eatable. If we ate this 5-7 days a week we would not be excited to see a truck with 50klg bags of this show up at our house. But these kids most defiantly are. They also get beans with each meal. If the money is there then vegetables are added to the beans. Not much for variety but it is healthy and they are getting food. If these orphans where on the streets it would not be so. We are very thankful that these kids are taken care of.

To date this year --- over 7000 meals!  Thank you to all who give!  The need continues so please continue to give and we are finding more opportunities to feed the children.  As always we promise to steward your gifts wisely!! 

Remember to help us get Shawn and Sarah's truck back on the road! 

May the Lord bless you!  We are delighted to serve alongside you all! Dwight & Linny

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