Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Gift: "Happy Birthday Boys"

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!  We all love it when it's our day.  I'm certainly guilty as charged!

For many of us we take this day for granted, we've had our birthdays, some good, some not so good. But there is always next year... or is there??

What if in the first few years of your life you struggled to survive on the streets?

What if you were neglected?



Thrown out of the home and left for dead?

How much sweeter would be the words "Happy Birthday" and that celebration if you now knew you were safe and a bunch of people came and threw you a party?

(stay tuned I have an idea for you at the end)

It's not all work and no fun when you go on a "Go Team" to the children of Africa!  

We love to play & party with the kids!!

There are many times of laughter, celebration and fun with the children!  

We love to laugh!  

The Bible teaches us that laughter is medicine to the soul.  And no place is this more evident than to these children!  Noone seems to laugh like children who have come from the most difficult lives!!

The medicine of laughter replaces some of these children's horrific mental pictures
with healthy pictures of life.  

There is always something to celebrate!  Right!   
 Linny accuses me of making up things to celebrate, and she is probably right... 
and when it comes to children laughing and playing we pour it on.

One of the ways we celebrate it to throw a party for the orphanages we visit.  And their is nothing quite so exciting as being part of a Birthday party for children that haven't had many to celebrate.

This last trip we threw the monthly birthday party for the boys of "A Perfect Injustice".

We bought many chickens, the boys "prepared the chickens" for the mommas.  (I'm glad that's not part of my job.)   The ladies worked hard all day getting ready.

Then, we placed a couple hundred or so balloons on the floor while the boys waited outside.  

Then they came rushing in.... 





shouting for joy into the party.

Then we danced little bit... dancing might be stretching it for us!! :)

All too quickly, it was time to say goodbye....
We will never forget --- They will never forget!

 Many ask, "what can I do?" 

 Enjoy your birthday - but what if one gift you requested this year was to help the children of Africa.

Then you could give a present like food, or water, or training to the children.

The June team will be throwing a few parties as well... if you'd like to give a gift to these same children.. they desperately want a basketball court!

Total cost - $2500... 

The June 2012 GO Team we will dig it, pour it and erect the goals!

We are even bringing some basketballs.  

Would you be willing to designate  a Birthday Gift to the boys of API this year so these 30 plus once-orphaned-street-boys will have a great way to expend some of that youthful energy?  They would love it if you did!! 

By the way,

Happy Birthday!  dw

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  1. can I help? I love API! I was able to spend some time there last week. These boys were truly a blessing! God has placed a sweet boy on my heart from there. I am currently working with Auntie Abby to see what the best route would be for him. I have prayed for him for months through IVO and I was finally able to meet him in person and there was no doubt a God given connection!! Thank you, Jesus and IVO of course:) we went to Jinja Saturday to Redeemer House :) and to take a boat ride on the Nile and I was able to take my boy with me. We had a fabulous day!!! Will you please pray with me that God will make our direction clear us? I am committed to him, I am just unsure what that looks like at this point! Thank you for all you do!